According to received reports of the Iran Of The World, 9 children were shot and killed in the November 2019 protests. In these protests, the official Iranian police force and the unofficial militias including NAKHSA opened fire on civilians, killing many in various cities, including these 9 children as follow: Hossein Ghasemi 17 years old, AminReza Abdollahi 13 years old, Nikta Esfandani 14 years old, Reza Moazzami 18 years old, Reza Nisi 16 years old, Pejman Gholipour 18 years old, Sasan Eidi Vand 17 years old.

Unfortunately, after the supreme leader of the Islamic republic called the protesters “evil”, the suppressive forces turned to arbitrary shootings to scare the people off the streets. 

This type of repression and violence, which has victimized even children, is contrary to the international obligations of the Islamic Republic and to the principles of contemporary International law in recognition of the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

Precise figures on the death toll of recent demonstrations by the Islamic Republic authorities have not yet been released, indicating the irresponsibleness of the whole system regarding human rights violation.

Unofficial but highly reliable statistics show 300 civilians have lost their lives and more than 7000 people have been arrested and are suffering terrible conditions in official and unofficial prisons. 

Unfortunately, according to previous practices of tortures and forced confessions of the Iranian Prison Organization, the danger of torture and diseases threatens the arrestees’ lives. Because of the bans and limitations on human rights activists from the government, no non-governmental human rights organization may visit the prisons, nor can they interview the families of the arrestees. The families of the arrestees are under pressure lest they interview foreign media. Also, some families of the victims are pressured to confirm that their children or relatives were not opposed to the regime and that they were killed by the protestors. 

The Islamic republic is trying to get away with this by not releasing the death toll figures, limiting internet access and broadcasting forced confessions to put the blame on the protestors. 

The authorities of the Islamic republic, especially Ali Khamenei, are responsible for this unrest and widespread abuses of human rights. It is clear that the government could maintain order without suppressing and committing these crimes by affirming the right of the people to assemble, but apparently Ali Khamenei’s speech and calling the protestors “evil” and linking them to his opponents, has been received by both official and informal agents and played a large role in this violence