About Us

Iran of the world is an NGO whose goal is promoting universal human rights values, rule of law principles and increasing Iranian law compliance with international law.

Iran of the world is an NGO registered under French law. As human rights activities are forbidden in Iran, our team registered this NGO in France, to be able to work on human rights issues in Iran.

Regarding the terrible situation of human rights in Iran and due to a huge difference in interpretation between “international human rights” and “Islamic human rights” by which Islamic Republic in Iran has been violating principals of human rights, our main goal is promoting international human rights among Iranians and make them aware of their rights as human beings.
The most important duty that we are dedicated for is “DEFEND”ing these values and also human rights defenders.

all above mentioned goals will be achieved by establishing an interaction with Iranian society and also with international civil society. We aimed at educating people of Iran from one side, and from the other side we are engaged in reporting human rights violations to international organizations and make Iranian authorities responsible for their crimes and ignoring human rights.