To the honorable noble people of Iran

I am reaching out to you while it has been a year that I am imprisoned in Evin prison and apparently, by the final verdict of the Islamic court, will have to endure imprisonment for fourteen more years.

Indeed, I see myself as the child of the nation and of course a child of lady Iran, may god let it be so. 

I do not know whether what I have articulated by my tongue or pen and in the end, my sayings and writings that have cost me dearly 15 springs, was it just or not?! After all, you the progenitors and posterity will judge me on this to which I will be submissive and of course to the judgment of the future. I am certain about one important fact which is without a doubt in my previous sayings and writings that I have always tried to be honest and respectful to my people and consider the peace and betterment of my people and my country.

And still I do not know, how successful I have been in this diligence to be honest and to walk the path towards peace and betterment of my homeland and people. However, as I have vowed between me, my conscience and god, never have I ever neglected even one bit in my diligence towards peace, salvation and betterment. For this, in the court and presence of the great god, my conscience and specially you ancient noble nation, I see myself clear of guilt. 

Yes, I do love my homeland and people and in every situation, with my limited means, I have tried to be their loud unstuttering voice and now how successful I have been, only god knows…

Anyhow, now that the cost of this rightful purposes and intentions is imprisonment and its hardships, I say it openly and merrily that I accept such prison and tribulation with pride and I will die standing in this way but I will not kneel.

I am positive there comes a day that no one will have to endure inevitable and inescapable separation from their dear ones just for what they have said and written or in general, for their beliefs. 

Prison and consequently separation from family and dear ones is unhappy, undesirable and even life shortening but if it is for you, the people and for your incontrovertible rights, enduring prison and even all the troubles and hardships in the world will become as sweet as  nectar. 

Amirsalar Davoudi, this younge child of you people, is very proud to be associated with you proud nation even by the slightest excuses. 

May the god of Iran protect and shelter Iran and Iranians; Amirsalar and Amirsalars be unquestionable devotees of the people. 



Evin penitentiary, Andarzgah 7, cell block 5