We are gathering and documenting those who violated human rights during the latest Iran Protests to be able to file a lawsuit against them for committing crimes against humanities;

Below are the names and pictures of above mentioned human rights violators in Iran:

Names and pictures of sanandaj city security council who were participating in killing at least one person and beat twenty-five protesters during the nationwide demonstrations in November 2019:

Commander seyyed Sadeq Hosseini => commander of beyt-al-moqaddas sepah
Mohammad ebrahim Zareyi => governor
Commander Ali Azadi => commander of police
Mohammad Jabbari => Sanandaj prosecutor

Behbahan City security council members who killed at least three protesters during nationwide demonstrations

Yousef Zamani => Governor principal
Lieutenant Colonel

Abdollah kheyran pour => commander of sepah Rouhollah zandi => Prosecutor of judiciary

Pictures and names of Marivan city security council members who had a direct role in killing at least five people during nationwide demonstrations

Mansour valiyi => commander of sepah
Delavar alizade => Prosecutor
Alireza safari => commande of police
Mamusta mostafa Shirzadi => Friday Prayer

Names and pictures of Sirjan city security supply accused of ordering murder of javad Nazari Fathabadi during the nationwide demonstrations

Mohammad mahmoudabadi => governor general
Hossein baqeri => commander of sepah
Mohsen nikvarz => Prosecutor
Mohammad reza Irannezhad => police commander

Names and pictures of the Khoramshahr city security council that have ordered to kill at least two Iranian citizens during the nationwide demonstrations

Alireza kheradmand => commander of sepah
Colonel hemmat ali torkarani => police commander
Fakher bavi => prosecutor
Mohammad javad Adel pour => Friday Prayer

Names and pictures of the security council that have cooperated in killing of at least four protesters during the nationwide demonstrations.

Rastegar yousefi – javanroud governor
Abouzar anouri – commander of sepah
Houshang mobaraki – police commander
Mamousta mollaAhmad fakhri – Friday Prayer